2005-2019 Toyota Tacoma 4wd Front 4 way Adjustable Shock (2in Lift)

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Toyota Tacoma is considered as one of the favorite midsized trucks to ever brace the U.S. soil. With its aftermarket support at a all time high, It's no wonder enthusiast love picking them as there go to truck for off-road adventures. But with so much aftermarket support, Users are now forced with the complicated decision making of what shocks to buy. For us, we know that it might be a challenge but we made the decision making easier by providing a 4way shocks for the enthusiast. Many shock companies shoot for the highest end products to their consumers making almost no room for any other mods to their pride and joy.

All our 4 way shocks are made with the thinking of the weekend warrior that takes there Tacoma with them on that weekday work week. So what we did was unlike everyone else on the market. We knew we had to provide an adjustable shock to cover the asphalt but be soft enough to soak up bumps of any off-road excursion. This lead to the start of our r&d for the 4way shocks.

Tasked with making a durable and lasting product we picked the twin tube design over the mono tube offered on the higher end layouts. Simply because, When buying something, you want it to last. Mono tubes are known to have short interval life and when the shock gets worn out, they have to get replaced or sent out for a rebuild service. Our shocks are designed around oem architecture with the added benefits of having the adjustability to change the dampening on the fly. This means that you keep that ride quality and when the road gets rough you have the ability to adjust to different terrain. We also designed the fronts of the shocks to except  an adjustable spring perch so that you can choose to level the front end (2in lift) off or go for a full 2in lift (rear lift blocks or lift springs will be needed in the rear) all around. After that, we salt bath test our paint and seals to make sure the product you get can withstand the rigors of cold weather and salty roads. And as always, our 4 way shocks come with a full 1 year manufactures defect  warranty from the date of purchase.

NOTE: Shocks are sold in pairs. 

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