2008-2019 Lexus LX570 200 Series 4 Step Front Adjustable Shocks

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Lexus LX570 is considered as the luxury version of the Land Cruiser 200 models. Most of us here think that this is one bad SUV. This thing is the nicest overland vehicles we ever got to see. It's sad that the market is small for this wonderful SUV but we knew the potential of this monster. So we developed our solid 2in lift 4-step adjustable shocks for this bad boy.

To help understand why we made shocks for this, let's talk about the greatness of Toyota's Hydraulic suspension system and the down falls of them.

All LX570 models are equipped with Hydraulic lift suspension. These systems help with raising, lowering and ride control over a vast amount of different surfaces. The system consists of a pump, shock, accumulator and of course, a control system. As the user sets up for higher rides the pump pushes hydraulic fluid to the shocks and the accumulator fills up with fluid. As the shock moves up and down the accumulator dampens the shock and produces the nice ride quality that these are known for. But with such a advance system, maintenance becomes a costly problem over time.

Some owners experience problems with the hydraulic lift systems going bad. It's a Pretty well documented problem. One of the main culprits is a accumulator problems (1000 bucks for a set of 4) that pretty much drop the car on the floor and makes the ride almost unbearable. Then you can have pump problems (1500+) or the shocks leaking (250+each). This all leads to huge bills from the mechanic. We even hear that some owners getting shafted with a 10k bill for a complete overhaul. To us, that is highway robbery! So we ended up making this shock set up purely to keep the cars we love stay on the road.

We could of just went with a standard shock replacement for this SUV, but that would take away the adjustability the LX570 had. So we decided the best solution was to add our trusted 4step adjustable set up. With this, you might not have the change on the fly from the driver's seat,  But you won't have to shell out a arm and a leg for repair bills down the road. And as always, our 4-step shocks come with a full 1 year manufactures defect warranty from the date of purchase.

Shocks for OEM, 1 inch, and 2 inch lift applications

NOTE: Shocks are sold in pairs, Rear will need lift springs to complete desired lift.

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